Meet your tailor

Behind every of our products stand a successful tailor!
Let us tell you that they are not only tailors, they are strong & independent women with a creative mind. Eager to get to know your tailor? We can’t wait for you to get to know them!

Did you know that for every product that we sell, the money goes into a saving account for our tailors? This money is used as an initial capital when they decide to start up their own business! How awesome is that?

Our Tailors

Sharmila Chepang

Sharmila is from Chitwan and was raised in a farming family. She only went to sixth grade and then got married at the age of 15. Her husband left her a while back and she is now raising their daughter alone. A year ago Sharmila left Chitwan with her daughter and moved to Kathmandu where she joined UCEP’s (Underprivileged Children’s Educational Program) tailoring program for six months.

Manju Moktan

Manju Tamang is from Kavre district located south of Kathmandu. When Manju was in grade 6, she was diagnosed with typhoid which stopped her from continuing her studies. During the same period she lost part of her hearing. After 12 years, with the support of her family and community members, she was assisted with a hearing device and could again develop her speaking and hearing

Aashu Chepang

Aashu is from Chitwan located south of Kathmandu. She grew up in a farming family. After she finished her ninth year in school, Aashu moved to Kathmandu to do six months of tailoring training at UCEP (Underprivileged Children’s Educational Program). Before joining HATTIHATTI Aashu worked at a garment factory producing towels for a very low salary.

Anu Balampakhi

Anu Balampaki (Magar), 25 years from Khayaramara, Bardibas district. Anu has a big family of 12 and relies their living from farming. She loves sewing and believes it’s her passion. She wants to run her own tailoring shop in future but for now she wants to be with HattiHatti and learn as much as she can.

Pramila Lama

Pramila Lama, 24 years old and mother of a 5 years old daughter, is from Chautara village, Sindupalchowk district. Pramila used to work as a helper in a very loving and supportive family in Kathmandu. Amongst her other hobbies, her keen interest in sewing brought her to HATTIHATTI.

Parbati Tamang

Parbati Tamang, after completing her 10th grade, had to leave her village and family to work and fulfil the desire to study because her family couldn’t afford her further studies. Parbati joined Hattihatti in April 2018 with the aim to learn, explore and be an entrepreneur in future. Shy and determine natured Parbati is working as an office assistant in Hattihatti Nepal.

Our Alumni